What a visit to the Caribbean looks like

Visiting the Caribbean islands is the stuff of dreams!

The most beautiful Caribbean islands to visit during your stay are those with dream beaches and crystal clear waters.

The Dominican Republic

Caribbean islands that you must absolutly visit

Anguilla is a unique archipelago inhabited by the Arawak Indians. This British territory has its own constitution and a main island of the same name. The latter is a popular destination for Hollywood celebrities. Aruba, the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados are some of the other islands worthy of a visit in the Caribbean.

Travel to the Caribbean and make a stopover in the Dominican Republic to explore a stunning natural setting, an amazing culture, and a friendly and warm population. This paradise island has 402 km of beautiful beaches, resorts and hotels. Visit GO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to learn more about this unique tropical island.


The unspoilt nature of the Bahamas

The Bahamas, a stunningly beautiful archipelago!


The archipelago of the West Indies will take your breath away!

Embark on a heavenly trip to the West Indies.


Barbados, a true tropical microcosm!

Schedule a one-day tour of Barbados.


Jamaica, a paradise for people from all walks of life!

Explore the beauty of Jamaica on a road trip.

Sports break

Sports break

Guadeloupe is the perfect setting for outdoor sports lovers

Thanks to its famous rugged terrain, Guadeloupe is the stuff of dreams for mountain enthusiasts. The colourful archipelago is a dazzling destination with its white sandy beaches and landscapes that come in various shades of green. As far as sporting activities are concerned, the archipelago is a dream destination: hiking, walking and trekking in the open air are all activities you can enjoy in the area.

Relaxing stay

A visit to Martinique is all about relaxing with your feet in the water!

Make the most of your stay in the wonderful holiday destination that is Martinique and make it all about relaxation, well-being and idleness. Relaxing in the sun between two swims is now your new routine!

You can indeed enjoy moments of calm and rest on the beach with your feet in the water. To do so, visit Les Salines, an idyllic beach where you can chill in the shade of pretty coconut trees.


Gastronomy stay

Puerto Rican gastronomy has all the right ingredients to make your visit special!

Taste the local cuisine to discover the mix of heritage and culinary techniques from all over Puerto Rico. As a matter of fact, some of the dishes there are among the tastiest in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rican restaurants showcase the freshest ingredients on the island, hence the need for you to visit Michelin-starred restaurants and appreciate authentic dishes prepared by local chefs. Puerto Rican cuisine regularly uses spices that are unique to Afro-Caribbean gastronomy.

Caribbean music

The whole local folklore is awaiting you!

Caribbean music is a mixture of jazz and blues and comes in a wide range of folk tunes: Calypso, Zouk, mini-jazz, etc.

The treasures of the Caribbean

Mysteries and wonders of the Caribbean

Heavenly beaches

Heavenly beaches

Make the most of your stay in the Caribbean by visiting some of the following heavenly beaches: Boston Bay, Maho Bay, Hawksnest Beach…

Parks and natural reserves

Parks and natural reserves

If you happen to have a passion for wild and preserved nature, visit the parks and reserves of the Caribbean islands.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

When going scuba diving, you will get to marvel at the magnificent Caribbean corals and marine life.