Carnivals in the Caribbean, the ultimate colourful events!

If your stay in the Caraibbean happens to coincide with the carnival festivities, you are in for the best holiday of your life! These events are celebrated annually in many Latin American cities.

A celebration with historical significance

Carnival has been part of Caribbean culture since the 18th century. It was imported from Europe during the colonial periods in Central America. This Western tradition was mixed with the civilisation of the natives and took a particular form depending on the country where it was embraced. This world-famous event is indeed subject to an influx of visitors from all over the globe according to The celebrations have religious origins. They first took place on the eve of Lent, specifically during Shrove Monday, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Later on, slaves took part in the festival and mockingly imitated their masters. The current version of the carnival appeared in 1838, when slavery was abolished. The natives developed their own way of celebrating it.

The biggest carnivals in the Caribbean

The biggest carnival in the Caribbean takes place in the country of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a big parade of colour and energetic dancers. The masquerades are accompanied by traditional dances including Calypso and Soca. Vincy Mas' festival is currently celebrated in June and July. The reason for this is that it is meant to take place during the warmer seasons. Participants cover themselves with oil and paint, or even mud. If you go in August, don't miss the Granada Spicemas Carnival, which showcases the masquerades of Africa. During this festival, revellers wear masks and costumes of all colours.

A great celebration!

In short, all the Caribbean islands celebrate carnival days. These events have the same origin but are currently very diversified. Each region had embraced its own way of carrying it out. However, the highlighting of colours, with masquerades and parades in the streets, has been retained. As a matter of fact, this Native American custom is a mixture of European culture and African traditions. During most of the year, you can attend a carnival festivity in the Caribbean islands. With a motto of rhythm for the body, music for the ears and colour for the eyes, the Mardi Gras celebration perfectly sums up the cultural identity of the Native American people.
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