Top places to visit on a combined trip to Martinique and Guadeloupe

Martinique and Guadeloupe share so many similarities that, unless you know someone personally or have roots there, you won't be able to tell the difference between the two. At least not as a short-term visitor or tourist, especially if you don't speak French or plan to interact much with the locals. In either case, there are several activities waiting for you there! 

The National Park in Guadeloupe

Wildlife lovers will be delighted to visit the Guadeloupe National Park (Parc national de la Guadeloupe). Designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the park often attracts over a million visitors a year. Among its many attractions are 300 kilometres of hiking trails, including the 1,467-metre La Soufrière volcano, the 1,298-metre Col de la Matéliane and a wide range of plants and animals, including 100 species of orchids and 11 species of bats. Zoologists will definitely appreciate the diversity in the park, thanks to the several species taking residing in it, such as the mockingbird and many more. The best way to tour the park is to take the Route de la Traversée (D23), a picturesque trans-coastal road that winds through the rainforest of majestic mahogany and bamboo trees. 

Relaxing on the sands of Martinique

From Sainte-Anne to Anse-Céron, via Trois Îlets, Martinique has several kilometres of sunny beaches which are ideal for relaxing. Some of its beaches are also ranked among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Grande Anse des Salines, Anse Noire and Pointe Martin are among the most sought-after beaches and invite visitors to relax in a couple or a family getaway.

The Seabob, a very trendy activity in Martinique!

The Seabob is another popular way to discover the Martinique sea and its ocean bottom. This small, maneuverable individual vehicle allows you to travel on the water, but also under it, at up to 22 km/h. Thanks to its silent operation, you will be able to observe the marine fauna and flora and get closer to turtles or schools of fish.

Meet the dolphins of Martinique

As a family, with your lover or with friends, you can share exceptional moments by meeting dolphins and gazing at whales. Watching Martinique's cetaceans from a speedboat, a sailing boat or a plane brings unique enjoyment. It is even possible to gaze at the marine fauna of the Caribbean from a private plane.
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