The perfect outdoor sporting activity for the holidays

The three following physical activities to enjoy on vacation are unmissable! Our bodies need to be constantly moving to achieve a favorable level of tone and endurance as well as to lose weight and reduce the risk of developing diseases. The many positive effects of sport are also linked to preventing depression and anxiety.


Christmas and New Year vacations are wonderful times to celebrate. Vacations also offer many of us a break during which we can catch up on some golf! What people tend to do, however, is to overdo their golf training and put too much pressure on themselves, making themselves feel like they've played too much and haven't even improved, and just like that, they can't wait to get back to work! While we're at it, we recommend you try playing golf in the Dominican Republic.


Cycling has various benefits, particularly on women who practice it as a hobby or as a job. It is essential to know at what intensity to operate as you go along as well as the routes you integrate into your daily routines. It is also necessary to understand your body's functioning and its abilities in order to set clear goals. A study entitled "Women and Urban Cycling: Promoting Inclusive Mobility Policies in Latin America" by Rodrigo Díaz and published by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) revealed the promotion of a compact urban development model that reduces distance times and promotes environmental protection, such as through cycling. The data collected indicate that cycling and women are a trend of the last decade, reaching figures above 5% in the major cities of Colombia. On the other hand, various reports indicate that the female gender generally has fewer opportunities to exercise, although urban cycling has been a way of maintaining the right weight, decreasing levels of depression and anxiety, and even increasing self-esteem in women.


A larger impact study was applied to women in Spain in 2019 and published in Runnea Magazine. The report generated a thorough analysis of the whole society, especially the female population. The results show that 92.6% of women jog during the menstrual period and 56% run to clear their minds of domestic problems. Furthermore, the data collected indicated that 70% of them feel that work and family load are major barriers to physical activity. That's why The Woman Post suggests you keep these tips in mind to stay motivated to go for a run. -Avoid overdoing it, no overtraining! -The key to enjoying this sport is to listen to your body. -The mixed entity is a great option. -Rest days are sacred.
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