What makes the British Virgin Islands one of the best tourist destinations out there?

The British Virgin Islands or BVI, located off the coast of the United States between Puerto Rico and Anguilla, was a long-standing haven for pirates, preserving some of the British cultural diversity inherited from the spit of colonial history.

The beautiful British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands consist of about 60 islets, rocks and wilderness islands, of which only 16 are now inhabited. The most important islands are: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada. The Sir Francis Drake Channel bisects these volcanic islands, except for Anegada, which is made of limestone and coral. These islands offer wild, pristine beaches and invite you to enjoy the warm, turquoise waters of deep-sea diving. The archipelago is famous for its beautiful postcard-perfect sailing basin. The British Virgin Islands have a unique climate that can be sailed with almost constant winds all year round. The short distance between each island allows you to visit a new island every day and take advantage of the many anchorages. The sea is also the best way to discover the archipelago and its beaches, whether on a day expedition by motorboat or sailboat, it is well worth the trip.

Tortola: a must-see stopover!

The main island of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola, is a must-see spot for yachting enthusiasts and tourists (mainly British and American) and is the ideal destination in the archipelago. The island offers tourists several mooring options, especially over the most outstanding dive sites. However, there is a 90-minute time limit for anchoring to allow everyone to enjoy the exceptional beauty of the seabed. But the island's assets are not limited to its seabed and boating. It would be a shame to stop there and not discover its craft villages, white sandy beaches, local cuisine and its capital. Virgin Gorda: ideal for a getaway with family and friends In the British Virgin Islands, life flows a little more slowly for Virgin Gorda, named after its majestic, plump female form ('Virgin Gorda' literally translates to 'fat virgin'). Whether you're wading through the granite caves of The Baths, snorkelling in Devil's Bay for underwater life or exploring the ruins of a 19th-century copper mine, the island's leisurely pace is the perfect excuse to kill time! It should be noted that the ultimate way to relax is to swing in a hammock and sip a flavoursome cocktail to soak up the sun.
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