Why you should choose the Dominican Republic for a family holiday

Located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic is a dream destination for an unforgettable family holiday. Many activities to enjoy with your children await you there. One thing is for sure, your family trip to the Dominican Republic will be special!

Extended, idyllic and heavenly sand beaches!

For most families, holidays are synonymous with sand beaches. The Dominican Republic has beautiful beachfronts that are perfect for basking in the sun. Crystal clear waters perfect for swimming also await you. It has to be said that among the most idyllic beaches on the island is Bayahibe, a beach with few visitors, which makes it perfect for a family holiday. The beauty of the place will enchant you. You can enjoy various activities such as fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving. The 2 km long Boca Chica beach is also excellent for a family vacation. Your children can swim in the clear waters of the sea in complete peace. There are also many restaurants along the beach. You can enjoy seafood dishes with your feet in the sand. Discover the beauty of this destination with a few clicks on Godominicanrepublic.

Breathtaking nature, perfect for family hikes!

The Dominican Republic is not just about heavenly beaches. With its lush green landscapes, it is a perfect destination for amateur hikers. You can, for instance, head to the southwest of the country and discover Barahona which, thanks to its spectacular cliffs, offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. In this area, you can also explore the beautiful forests of the Sierra de Bahoruco as well as beautiful rivers where you can swim with your children.

A wide range of accommodation to suit all needs!

Renowned for being a popular destination for holidaymakers and tourists, the Dominican Republic houses many types of accommodation to suit everyone. For a comfortable family holiday, you can stay in one of the city's luxury resorts. You can also rent a holiday villa to enjoy moments of freedom and independence. And if you want a family holiday off the beaten track, pack your bags and head to a campsite. Sleeping in a comfortable mobile home will provide your children with an unforgettable adventure.
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