What season is best for a Puerto Rico getaway?

Puerto Rico is an archipelago that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The islet comprises the island of Puerto Rico itself, but also a few other small islands. The former is a tropical pearl with a fairly pronounced topography, which makes it the perfect destination for a getaway, with family, friends or lover. But which seasons are best for your potential visit?


The best time to visit Puerto Rico is winter. This is the driest season of the year on the island. It is true that Puerto Rico is crowded in winter. In addition, hotel and airline rates are higher. However, a winter getaway in Puerto Rico allows you to enjoy the good weather and the beautiful, sunny beaches. It is an opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy a combination of interesting activities. These include mountain biking in the forest, zip-lining, diving under waterfalls, etc. Indeed, a great group outing is in store in the ideal sunshine.


If you want to go on a cruise in Puerto Rico, it is best to choose spring. During the day, you can enjoy the sunshine and the much calmer waters. This is the ideal time for a family or couple to go to sea. You can even sail, especially during the peak hours of the spring and Christmas holidays, which avoids you being stuck on a boat with deafening crowds. It's recommended not to go cruising in winter, as the waters are so rough during this period.

Choose summer or autumn for a cheap holiday in Puerto Rico

Admittedly, taking a trip in the rain is not very pleasant, hence the fact that it is not advisable to go to Puerto Rico in the summer, as this is the rainiest season of the year. However, it is during this period that the price of travel to the island is significantly lower. If you don't mind the rain and want to enjoy a cheap holiday, you can plan to go in the summer. The same applies to autumn. This is the perfect time to enjoy an affordable holiday in Puerto Rico. However, you should keep in mind that autumn is the hurricane season. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which period to choose for a Puerto Rico getaway, depending on your desires and your budget.
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