Where to find the best surf beaches in the Caribbean?

If you happen to love the thrill of water activities such as surfing, the Caribbean island is the best destination for you! It has many spots with strong and light waves depending on your needs. In that respect, here are the three best spots for your surfing activity in the Caribbean.

Le Moule

Le Moule surf spot is located in the town of Le Moule on the Atlantic coast, hence the very pleasant and powerful wind. This spot has a worldwide reputation and even hosts international championships and competitions. It is therefore mainly intended for high-level and experienced professional surfers. Nevertheless, it is open to all levels. It is recommended to be very careful when entering and leaving the water as it is shallow and a fall can be very dangerous. In addition, it is a very rocky area, so you should be very careful. On the way to Le Moule, you will also find a surf school called Karukera Surf Club, which is definitely worth a visit. To discover other interesting surf spots in the Caribbean, click here.

Salabouelle Cove

The Salabouelle Cove surf spot is located between Saint-François and Le Moule in a very wild and calm landscape, ideal for a first trip to the sea. Indeed, it offers very powerful waves on one side and other calmer and quieter ones on the other, the latter being suitable for beginners. The cove of Salabouelle is a somewhat isolated and secret place where you can enjoy almost permanent waves. The place is not well known to tourists but those who have heard about it by word of mouth have enjoyed every moment spent there. Furthermore, there is a surf school nearby, the Poyo Surf Club, on the Achille Boisneuf side of Morne à l'eau.


The Port-Louis surf spot is adorned with a beautiful pristine beach and miles of golden sand and lush tropical vegetation, making it the perfect place to surf if you're an experienced surfer. You will enjoy indulging in your favourite activity, especially in the area of Antigue Point. Surfers usually go there at dawn or at the end of the day, when the waves are strong and high. The surf school in the area is called "Souffleur Powli Surf Center" and is located in Sadi Carnot Street in Port Louis. It offers surfing equipment for rent.
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