Key criteria for choosing a hotel complex

You may not get it, but choosing a good hotel allows you to feel welcome, start your day with a hearty breakfast and get a good night's sleep and allow you to better enjoy your day and rest in the evening in a comfortable place. Here are then some tips and tricks to make the most of your stay.

Pick a hotel with transport accessibility in mind

Whether you book in advance or at the last minute, the first criterion for choosing a hotel is usually your budget, i.e. you often have a rough idea of your spending cap and try to find the best hotel within a set budget! There are almost always great deals available on the internet, either on the hotel's website or via a third-party online platform. Our main recommendation would be to think hotels AND transport. It is possible to find a good hotel even if the flight price is unaffordable or the hotels are fully booked when you book your flights.

Choose a hotel in a good spot

Hotels close to the main attractions of the city are often more expensive, but sometimes it's worth doing the maths; the more central establishment allows you to save time on travel. Likewise, in some cities such as London, where the tube is very expensive, being close to the city centre is sometimes more convenient than paying a fortune for long-distance transport. Going for a well-located hotel also saves a lot of fatigue and makes it easy to get back to the hotel if necessary. It is advisable to look at the traffic map of the city you are travelling to and identify the departments with the best connections. Secondly, search for reviews of these areas by typing their names into search engines: this will help you identify areas that are very noisy at night.

Identify the appliances and services that are important to you

Not everyone has the same needs when picking a hotel and not everyone has the same expectations, the latter usually depending on the nature of the trip and the people one is travelling with. For a health trip, for instance, you may be looking for a hotel with a pool and spa. If you want to party, you'll appreciate the hotel's 24-hour reception. Wifi in the room, air conditioning, parking can also be important criteria. Furthermore, if you like to have breakfast in the hotel, you will usually find it to be of high quality, while those who would rather go to the local café to soak up the local life will not.
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